Sports Images:

If you have a child that plays sports at one of the events that I happen to be covering, please use the contact me feature to let me know what number he/she is.  If they are a cheerleader, please let me know who.  I will attempt to include them in as many shots as I can during a game and they will be posted to that games gallery here on

Sitting Fees:

In studio or at a location of your choice up to 30 miles from the Canton/Waynesville, NC area. Depending on the purpose of the shoot you should expect it to last between 1 hour and as long as it takes.  All fees are on a one on one basis.  Please contact me to arrange a sitting at a price you can afford and I can still feed my family too.

Included with each each paid session*: 
    A private, password protected web gallery* with the best shots from the session will be created on - gallery size and quantity of images may vary.

Included with each paid session of $200** or more:
    1 - 8x10
    3 - 5x7
    4 - wallets

*The gallery will be live for 6 months, during this time you can order any of the other images in any format(s) you choose.

**The shots in this package will be chosen from the best of the session, by me as I have a vested interest to ensure that only my best work is put forward.

Events/Special Projects:
I choose to handle these on a case by case basis.  We would be honored with the privilege of capturing your event.

On location

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Untitled photo
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